Chess is Fun !!!

In fact, chess is much more than just fun, it is a beautiful way to train the brain to think analytically and logically to achieve an objective, a skill which helps you succeed professionally too.

Chess is Cool !!!

A good chess player is generally regarded as an intellectual with above average intelligence due to the amount of skill it takes to be one. Playing good chess can certainly provide you with the “cool” tag amongst your peers.

Chess is Life !!!

Chess manifests most of the characteristics that one requires to become successful in life i.e. Discipline, responsibility, planning and strategy, respect for rules, etc. Play Chess regularly and live a better life.

Chess News

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Global Chess Festival 2015

Global Chess Festival 2015

Judit Polgar – 2015 Global Chess Festival – 17th October – Castle Garden Bazaar, Budapest, Hungary and Santiago de Chile.

The 2015 edition of Global Chess Festival will be held on 17th October at the Castle Garden Bazaar in Budapest, Hungary and Santiago de Chile. This event is organised by the Judit Polgar Chess Foundation. Judit Polgar, has been the No.1 female chess player for more than 25 years. Besides her sports achievements, Judit has also succeeded in developing a unique innovative educational program. The Global Chess Festival is a distinct international event which relies on the 1500 years-old mystical board game, presenting the diversity of 1000 Faces of Chess. This festival is a full-day family entertainment, as it simultaneously provides education, culture, science and games.

Beirut International Open 2015

Sergey Volkov

Russian GM Sergey Volkov – winner of the 2015 Beirut International Open Chess Championship.

The 8th edition of the Beirut International Open chess tournament took place from 19th to 27th September 2015 in Beirut, the capital and largest city of Lebanon. In all, 88 players from 14 countries participated in this event, which also included 9 GMs. This chess event was organised by Amicale Chess Club and played in the 9-round Swiss format. The total prize money was USD 7000 with USD 2000 reserved for the winner. Finally, the Russian Grandmaster Sergey Volkov was declared winner of this chess championship after concluding the game with 8,0/9 points, half a point ahead of Grandmaster Kirill Stupak from Belarus.